AP: Debate amid pandemic: Should foundations have to give more?

The Associated Press cites Roundtable CEO Elise Westhoff in a piece on the Arnold-Madoff proposal that seeks to impose regulations on Donor Advised Funds.

“The viral pandemic wiped out jobs and businesses and left many U.S. families unable to afford food. It also caused a crisis for charities: Too much need, too little funding. And now it’s sparking debate over a divisive question: Should philanthropic groups donate more money to charities? Should they be forced to? . . .

“the [Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving] faces resistance from some nonprofits that oppose any government effort to induce foundations to increase their payouts. Among them is the Philanthropy Roundtable, a conservative-leaning network that opposes government involvement in private charitable donations.

‘We actually don’t think it will accelerate giving at all,’ Elise Westhoff, the Roundtable’s president and CEO, said of [the Arnold-Madoff] proposal. ‘It’s really a solution in search of a problem.’ . . .‘Charitable giving has been a silver lining through this crisis and, frankly, throughout history,’ Westhoff said. ‘One of the reasons that is the case is because it’s always been voluntary.’”

Read the full Associated Press story here.

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