Elise Westhoff Discusses State of Philanthropy on “Fox News Live”

Philanthropy Roundtable President and CEO Elise Westhoff appeared on “Fox News Live” this past weekend to discuss the state of philanthropy – and efforts in Congress and elsewhere that threaten to harm charitable giving.   

In an interview with “Fox News Live” host Mike Emanuel, Westhoff affirmed that America remains the most generous country in the world and people have stepped up in extraordinary ways to help others amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet while philanthropy is “quick, nimble and responsive” in providing solutions to challenges in our communities, Westhoff warned that legislative measures such as the King-Grassley bill in the Senate would create unnecessary restrictions and timelines for philanthropists that could constrict giving … and would hurt charities and people who need help the most.  

“The philanthropic tradition in America has been so strong because it has always been voluntary,” she said. “We are concerned about any efforts that would really stifle that generosity by placing mandates on how, when and where donors give.”  

Watch the full interview here.  

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