Interview with Deborah D. Hoover

The Philanthropy Roundtable sat down with Deborah D. Hoover, who has been president and CEO of Burton D. Morgan Foundation since 2007, to discuss its entrepreneurship initiatives.

Online education's expansion continues in higher ed with a focus on tech skills

New higher education online opportunities include open Foundry College, a for-profit, two-year program that targets adult learners who want to upskill.  

Interview with Catherine Koenen

Catherine Koenen, executive director of the Gianforte Family Foundation, discusses entrepreneurship and how the foundation is creating opportunities in Montana.

Burton D. Morgan Foundation awards $1.5 million in grants for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education for youth, college students, and adults.

Morgan Foundation’s grants, which help people build the entrepreneurial mindset and develop an awareness of entrepreneurship as an important driver of the economy, included support to four Junior Achievement programs in Northeast Ohio.

The Philanthropy Roundtable's Economic Opportunity Program explores strategies that donors can support to ensure people achieve greater economic independence, security, and mobility through work; savings, credit, and asset building; and entrepreneurship.

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