House Legislation From Reps. Pingree and Reed Will Crush Charitable Giving

Today Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) and Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) introduced the so-called ACE Act which would restrict charitable giving, ultimately reducing the funds available to U.S. charities and the most vulnerable who benefit from them.

“The American people are concerned about the heavy hand of government bureaucrats interfering in their daily lives, and charitable giving is no exception,” said Elise Westhoff, president and CEO of Philanthropy Roundtable. “The so-called ACE Act is merely a mirror of the King-Grassley Senate bill that faces firm bipartisan opposition from across the philanthropic sector because more mandates and regulations on giving will make it harder for all Americans to support the causes they care about. The House bill does not address our concerns and demonstrates how out of touch some members of Congress are with the American spirit of generosity.”

“Restricting charitable giving, as this bill does, will diminish charitable giving overall,” said Elizabeth McGuigan, director of policy at Philanthropy Roundtable. “When people have the flexibility to give how, when and where they choose, it spurs even more generosity and uplifts those who we all wish to help.  A bill that disincentivizes giving is tone deaf at best and at worst hurts communities around the country who rely upon their fellow Americans’ generosity.”

Philanthropy Roundtable publicly opposed the Senate companion bill put forth by Sens. King and Grassley in 2021:

 As the Roundtable further examines the House bill, experts are available for comment.

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