Jack Salmon in The Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvania Ranked Worst State for Charities

In an op-ed published today in The Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “Pennsylvania Ranked Worst State for Charities,” Director of Policy Research at Philanthropy Roundtable, Jack Salmon, outlines how a recent study ranks Pennsylvania as the worst out of all 50 states as the most burdensome place in the country for charities to operate. Salmon provides specific examples of how state policymakers could reverse these excessive policies and encourage a thriving charitable community in the state.

Below are excerpts from the article:

“As President Joe Biden unveiled his 2024 budget plan in Philadelphia last month, Pennsylvanians are looking for relief from rising costs of living, while donors and charities are hard at work supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. Yet a recent study finds Pennsylvania’s regulatory burden on charities might be hampering them from helping those who need it most.

“In the 50 State Index of Charity Regulations, Pennsylvania comes in last, meaning it is the most burdensome place in the country for charities to operate. The door prize for this ranking is grim: Pennsylvania is home to fewer charities than other states relative to the size of the state’s economy.”

“Pennsylvania could foster a healthier landscape for charities to flourish by removing policy obstacles and red tape that divert charitable funds from reaching those in need.”

“Pennsylvania’s policymakers should take a look at these onerous regulatory burdens placed on crucial charities. Rather than a race-to-the-bottom approach of imposing more red tape on charities, learning from the regulatory approach of states with lower burdens would bolster the charitable sector in Pennsylvania.”

Please continue reading “Pennsylvania Ranked Worst State for Charities,” at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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