Kim Dennis Elected to Philanthropy Roundtable Board of Directors

WASHINGTON – Kim Dennis joined Philanthropy Roundtable’s board of directors in January, continuing a longstanding relationship with the organization that began more than three decades ago. Dennis, president and CEO of the Searle Freedom Trust, served as the Roundtable’s first executive director from 1991-1996.   

“Kim’s vision for the Roundtable and commitment to our values is an important part of our organization’s history and mission,” said Philanthropy Roundtable President and CEO Christie Herrera. “She is a champion of donor intent, philanthropic freedom and the free-market principles that make America an engine for upward mobility and human progress. These are the things that make philanthropy so effective—and even possible in the first place—and our donor community remains strongly committed to protecting them. We couldn’t be more thrilled that Kim will, again, help shape our future as a member of our board.” 

Dennis has built a career spanning more than four decades in grantmaking and public policy reform. She was responsible for launching some of the Roundtable’s signature initiatives, including an Annual Meeting that continues to this day, where donors convene to discuss philanthropic solutions to some of society’s most pressing problems. 

“After serving as Philanthropy Roundtable’s first executive director, it is a great honor to return decades later as a board member. Donor intent was a little-known concept back in those days, and thanks to the Roundtable, it is now fundamental to our understanding of the role of private wealth creation in sustaining vital American institutions,” said Dennis. “I look forward to helping the Roundtable remain the leader in this movement to protect philanthropic freedom, along with the many freedoms that are essential to our prosperity.” 

As president and CEO of the Searle Freedom Trust, a grantmaking foundation established by the late Daniel C. Searle, Dennis focuses on advancing individual freedom and economic liberty through funding for research and education on domestic policy issues. In addition to this, she co-founded and serves as chairman of the board of DonorsTrust, a donor-advised fund dedicated to helping charitable donors support causes that preserve limited government, personal responsibility and free enterprise. Dennis also serves on the boards of the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, the Beth and Ravenel Curry Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Property and Environment Research Center.   


Philanthropy Roundtable is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and sustaining a vibrant American philanthropic movement that strengthens our free society. To achieve this vision, the Roundtable pursues a mission to foster excellence in philanthropy, protect philanthropic freedom and help donors advance liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility.  

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