Museums Across America

A creative cornucopia of galleries from math to space to baseball is brought to the public by the generosity of donors

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There are 35,000 museums in the United States, a core of our cultural and educational life. They reveal the past, attest to nature’s amazing secrets, bring great art to all, and celebrate humanity in countless ways. Most rely on generous philanthropic support.

Later in this issue, we showcase several intriguing museums in depth. This warm-up tour aims to give you a quick glimpse of the range of institutions that museum donors are now bringing to the public. From the nearly 80-year-old Baseball Hall of Fame, to a recently opened trove of the world’s coolest musical instruments, to a hoped-for remembrance of communism’s victims, there is almost no intellectual or aesthetic niche beyond the reach of human curiosity and philanthropic sponsorship today. Click on one of the groups below to start exploring these exciting museums: