Patrice Onwuka in Daily Caller: Thankful for American Charity Amid Inflation

In an article published in the Daily Caller before Thanksgiving last week, Philanthropy Roundtable Adjunct Senior Fellow Patrice Onwuka wrote about the rising demands on the charitable giving sector amid inflation this holiday season. She also urged policymakers not to engage in needless spending as out-of-control prices leave families with fewer resources to enjoy this year.

Below are excerpts from the article entitled “Unthankful for Inflation, Thankful for American Charity”:

“Food pantries across the country don’t need pollsters to confirm that inflation is straining households across tax brackets. The cars pulling up for donations tell the tale of rising demand. Nearly two out of three (60%) food banks reported an increase in demand for emergency food assistance in August compared to the previous month, according to a Feeding America food bank pulse survey. An Idaho food bank calculates that because of inflation, they save families an average of $500 to $600 a month up from $300. Concerningly, families that stopped coming to the food bank for help in the past are back again.

Demand for help is up, but aid organizations face the same crushing inflation making it hard to keep up the supply, especially as donations have fallen. Food banks contend with the same rising food and gasoline prices households do, which drives up the costs to deliver food, goods, and services to the needy. Washington’s solution to rising food prices has been to increase federal spending on feeding programs. More cash is a temporary solution to inflation which is proving to be a long-term problem. Furthermore, excessive stimulus largely from the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan triggered the inflation we are battling today.

Washington should stand down on any more reckless spending. It’s time for American generosity to stand up this holiday season to meet the rising needs.”

Please continue reading “Unthankful for Inflation, Thankful for American Charity” at the Daily Caller.

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