Patrice Onwuka on WMAL: Legislative Proposal Would “Chill Charitable Giving”

At the end of last year, Philanthropy Roundtable Adjunct Senior Fellow and WMAL “O’Connor & Company” Co-Host Patrice Onwuka reflected during the radio show on the best and worst policies to be proposed or enacted in 2022.

On Onwuka’s list of worst policy ideas was a proposal in the last Congress that would have increased regulation of donor-advised funds (DAFs). While DAF’s have been around for decades, they have recently gained popularity with philanthropists of every monetary giving level because of the flexibility they provide. Onwuka argued this legislative threat would overregulate DAFs and restrict a donor’s freedom to give.

“We’re seeing members of Congress introduce legislation that would make it hard to give through these vehicles. That is going to chill charitable giving. Bad idea,” she said.

Onwuka, the director of the Center for Economic Opportunity at the Independent Women’s Forum, also published a companion blog to this segment on the IWF website, defining her list of best and worst policies of 2022. In this piece, she expounds upon her thoughts on the threats to DAFs and other potential barriers to charitable giving, citing statements by the Roundtable on the issue.

Listen to Onwuka’s WMAL segment here.

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