Catalyzing a generation of skilled workers

Be Pro Be Proud (BPBP) is a national workforce development initiative focused on attracting students and young adults to technical careers through exciting simulation experiences, and then connecting them to post-secondary opportunities and careers. Their mobile workshop unit tours local high schools and middle schools and can be customized to a variety of professions and industries that are most relevant to specific communities. The initiative launched in Arkansas, and now has partners in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

BPBP is addressing a pressing national challenge: Over 23% of current skilled professionals are at or near retirement age, but the talent pipeline to fill the positions is simply not ready. BPBP operates as a national initiative with multi-state efforts. Each state partner operates similar to a franchise model. They are provided with implementation guidance, brand identity and a network of operational partners. Each state partner has the opportunity to tailor the Be Pro Be Proud approach to their unique needs.

The mobile tours can be customized to professions and companies that are most relevant to local industry needs. Example professions include: automation and robotics, carpentry, commercial truck driving, electrician, fiber optics, plumbing, HVAC technician, health care, welding, computer programming, CNC operator, lineman and machinist. However, each partner is required to maintain the look and feel of the website, social media management and mobile workshop – all of which were designed to resonate with potential recruits. They intend to continue the expansion to more states across the country.

Nonprofit Addresses Labor Shortage with an Innovative, Mobile Solution

Arkansas-based nonprofit Be Pro Be Proud connects students and young adults to post-secondary training opportunities and gives them interactive exposure to high-demand and high-wage careers. They are partnering with dozens of companies to scale up their innovative approach to solving labor shortages.

What’s the play?

Partner with BPBP to bring cultivate a new generation of professionals in America’s skilled workforce.

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