Accelerating Learning in the Time of COVID

Cadence Learning is a full-fledged online learning program for school districts, community groups and charter networks. Its mission is to accelerate learning in the time of COVID, share innovations from the nation’s top-performing urban schools and offer a new model for effective teaching. Cadence Learning is free for organizations with under 5,000 students and low-cost for larger ones ($50 per student, per month).

The organization’s mode involves dozens of mentor teachers preparing local teachers for virtual teaching. Before each program launch, every participating teacher benefits from a week-long institute that prepares them in the specific pedagogies, curricula and teaching methods. Then, twice weekly, teachers join peers across the country in a national grade team meeting led by their mentor teacher.

Cadence Learning formed its National Summer School Initiative (NSSI) in April 2020 to combat learning losses resulting from COVID-19. NSSI provides partner schools with the training and curricular tools necessary to enable their teachers to deliver vibrant and effective instruction to their students (remotely or in-person) and moreover, to accelerate learning. Cadence Learning’s initial five-week summer program in 2020 produced strong results, reaching 11,800 predominantly low-income students enrolled in grades 3-8 (University of Virginia report).

What’s the play?

Cadence Learning is on a mission to accelerate learning in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and offer a new model for effective teaching.

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