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Christie Herrera

President and CEO

Christie Herrera is president and CEO of Philanthropy Roundtable. She joined the Roundtable in 2019 and most recently oversaw the organization’s philanthropic programs, policy and government affairs and marketing and communications teams, working with them to build and sustain a vibrant American philanthropic movement that strengthens our free society. She was also a member of the Roundtable’s executive team and appointed as interim president and CEO in June 2023.

Christie specializes in working with elected officials, nonprofit policy organizations and coalition partners across the country to turn ideas into action. During Christie’s career of more than two decades, she has helped national and community leaders enact legislation or executive action in nearly every state to ensure everyone has access to the American dream. Her previous work has focused on increasing access to quality, affordable health care, helping people gain independence by moving from welfare to good-paying jobs and empowering families to put an end to generational poverty.

Christie has testified before Congress and legislative committees in 27 states. Her policy work has been profiled in Duke University’s Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” and The New York Times, among other outlets.

A proud New Jersey native, Christie graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in communications studies and a master’s degree in political science.