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Youth Entrepreneurship: Effective Community Based Programs Work

Youth Entrepreneurship: Effective Community Based Programs Work

Event Overview

September 23, 2021 All day

Teaching K-12 students the value of personal responsibility is directly tied with creating opportunity for life outcomes. We know that an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to preparing youth to own their success as they move through life. But, it is often not a part of core curricula in schools. Thankfully, there are programs that focus on this core skill, and they are trying to reach more youth with this empowering mindset. Scaling these effective program models and interventions is not easy, and it is something that most organizations approach in many different ways.

This webinar will share insight focused on why youth entrepreneurship programs matter and what lessons can be learned from scaling their program models. Panelists will share both the successes and the challenges their work and provide an on the ground perspective on the barriers many impact organizations are facing.