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Excellence in Philanthropy

Briefly Noted

Seafaring savior. A long-lost battleship. Enabling a book thief. Philanthropy vs. charity. Why give operating support?

Juma Ventures

Combining work, school, and play with sports-stadium jobs that earn college tuition.

Interview with Sandy Weill

A king of capital on founding a high-school internship program, building a medical school in Qatar, and rescuing Carnegie Hall.

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Business Marries Charity

The hopes and hazards of bringing market mechanisms to philanthropy.

Madison Avenue Mercies

The virtues of advertising, overhead, and other wicked ways of doing good.

Stronger Together

Donors are increasingly using expert intermediaries to bundle and target their giving.

A New Way to Serve

Venture for America is bringing entrepreneurial vim and vigor to unexpected corners of our country.

Micro Lending, Major Impact

How the maker of SweetTARTS is combining friendship and capital in one tangy dose.

Rebounding From Philanthropic Failure

Our plan flopped. We didn’t get up. We changed course. Ideas from the Walton Family Foundation.

More Than Just Academics

Catholic schools have power and potential beyond book learning.


The Almanac
of American

A compendium of the Great Donors, Great Achievements, Great Ideas, and Latest Facts on private giving in the U.S.