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Higher Education

Educating Entrepreneurs

Want to increase prosperity by cultivating the next generation of wealth creators? Six things to consider.

Classroom X

The University of California, Berkeley, joins Harvard and MIT in offering free online courses through edX.

Editor’s Introduction

An overview of the Spring 2012 issue on giving to colleges and universities.

Back to the Drawing Board

Jeff Sandefer, co-founder of the Acton School of Business, is on a mission to reinvent the MBA.

New U.

Meet the donors who have taken it upon themselves to launch new colleges.

The Philanthropy behind James Q. Wilson

James Q. Wilson’s achievements illustrate one of the most effective philanthropic strategies for supporting higher education.

Innovation for the Real World

Desh Deshpande is bringing the market to MIT’s labs.

Summa Cum Philanthropy

Giving to universities can be tricky. Here are 11 strategies for making sure your gift is used as you wish.

Pilgrims’ Progress

Desires to strengthen religious faith are responsible for a flurry of new colleges in recent decades.

Opening Up the University

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is funding what could someday be viewed as higher education’s Great Disruption.