Diversity Mandates From Foundations Make It Harder for Nonprofits to Do Their Jobs Well

The Philanthropy Roundtable Vice President of Strategy and Innovation Debi Ghate was published at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, responding to diversity mandates in the philanthropic sector. You can read the full text, published by the Chronicle on Dec. 2, here, or read an excerpt below. 

“What motivates foundations to include diversity, equity, and inclusion measures in their grant-application and reporting processes?” Ghate writes. “In some cases, they genuinely want to invest in groups and leaders with specific race or ethnic backgrounds because it is part of their missions. In other cases, they are trying to respond to an onslaught of pressure that they do more to address racial injustice. But before deciding to add such requirements, grant makers should pause to consider the implications. They should ask themselves: Is there another way to think about this? Is anyone really against diversity and inclusion?”

Read the rest here.

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