Onwuka in Newsmax: Free Markets Thrive When Aimless, Faux Justice Booted

In a Newsmax column posted on August 7, 2023, Philanthropy Roundtable Adjunct Senior Fellow Patrice Onwuka, also a spokesperson for the Roundtable’s True Diversitycampaign, argues the “demise” of diversity, equity and inclusion jobs indicates the “free market is moving past emotional hiring and rejecting aimless race-centric programming that spiked overhead costs but destroyed workplace unity.” Onwuka also says organizations should instead embrace diversity efforts that value individuality over traits like race and gender alone.  

Below are excerpts from the article entitled “Free Markets Thrive When Aimless, Faux Justice Booted”: 

“Diversity initiatives and DEI have been ineffective because they focus solely on the superficial traits of race and gender as a shortcut for diversity. 

They were never about achieving true diversity which reflects the kaleidoscope of characteristics and experiences that make individuals unique. Diversity of thought, socio-economic background, and experience enrich organizations in ways that improve outcomes. 

There is room for genuine efforts at True Diversity and organizations are pursuing them. 

Hopefully, employers will value individuality and be more intentional about assembling people of different viewpoints and backgrounds. 

At the very least, as a society, we are moving closer to banishing the insidious race-based discrimination promoted by DEI and antiracism.” 

To read the complete article, please visit Newsmax.  

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