Our Values Improve Lives: Roundtable Launches Values-Based Giving Campaign

This week, Philanthropy Roundtable is launching a new Values-Based Giving campaign to highlight the partnership between charitable organizations and philanthropists who place the values of liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility at the center of their work in order to achieve exceptional results. For decades, collaborative partnerships between charitable organizations and donors have supported individuals and communities across the country in an effort to truly improve lives. Together, they’ve achieved great progress from eradicating disease to tackling entrenched poverty.

The Roundtable’s campaign “Our Values Improve Lives” will share examples of how private philanthropy has empowered the charitable sector to strengthen communities and help individuals reach their full, unique potential. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing stories of charitable efforts – informed and inspired by the values of liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility – that are addressing a variety of social challenges where other efforts, including government-led ones, have underdelivered.

The first of these stories features Construction Ready, a nonprofit organization that trains people for high-paying, entry-level construction jobs, and some of the donors who are helping to make this work possible.

Our focus on Values-Based Giving differentiates our community of donors and nonprofits from others in the philanthropic sector. First, we believe the U.S. constitutional rights that protect individual liberties should be defended, and thus, are leveraging the private sector to advance innovative, dynamic solutions to that end. We also believe everyone should have equality of opportunity and encourage our network to invest in programs that elevate community, education and efforts that unlock an individual’s potential. People deserve to shape their own lives through personal responsibility – and to that end – philanthropy can provide tools that foster agency and encourage individuals to live a life of meaning, dignity and purpose.

At the Roundtable, we help philanthropists align their giving with their values to maximize the impact of every charitable investment. In doing so, the most effective charitable organizations are empowered to grow and prosper, providing hope and opportunity to those in need.

For those interested in learning about organizations who share our values, Philanthropy Roundtable’s Opportunity Playbook is a digital resource of high-impact nonprofits that help individuals achieve greater economic independence, security and mobility – fulfilling the promise of the American Dream. The organizations highlighted in the playbook focus their work in areas like poverty alleviation, education and workforce development.

The Roundtable also offers resources and strategic advising to ensure excellence in giving, and we support donors and foundations in all aspects of their philanthropy. In addition to this, we host events and programs for our community so donors can learn from each other and share best practices. For donors who want to advance our shared values through effective charitable giving and strengthen our free society, there are many ways to join our community and get involved.

Are you a Roundtable donor and interested in learning more about Values-Based Giving? Click here to learn more about the services our team provides.

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