Leveraging research to lift barriers

Archbridge Institute is a think tank focused on increasing opportunities for social mobility and human flourishing. Through rigorous academic research, sound public policy solutions and reviving the spirit of entrepreneurship, the Institute works to empower individuals to achieve better, richer and fuller lives by identifying and removing the barriers that constrain their potential. They host “The Archbridge Podcast” and print Profectus Magazine, both committed to advancing their research and insights.

Unlike other think tanks, Archbridge is focusing its resources on connecting academics and researchers to impact organizations and investing in storytelling, communication and the dissemination of their research. Their primary goal is to push back against the prevailing narrative that the American Dream is no longer possible. One of the ways they are unpacking the American Dream is by creating a social mobility index through support from the Bradley Foundation. And in partnership with the Koch Foundation, they are conducting a symposium in Chicago to bring together researchers and academics who will focus on various aspects of social mobility. Archbridge is advancing the American Dream and human flourishing through their work at the Human Flourishing Lab.

What’s the play?

Partner with Archbridge Institute to support original research pertaining to social mobility and human flourishing.

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