Removing Barriers to Employment for Individuals and U.S. Military Service Members

Goldwater Institute is committed to advancing the essential principles of limited government, individual liberty and economic freedom. It focuses on education, free speech, health care, equal protection, property rights, occupational licensing and constitutional limits. 

With the enthusiastic support of former Sen. Barry Goldwater, the Goldwater Institute was founded on July 4, 1988. The Institute promotes these right-of-center reforms in the state of Arizona and nationally. Goldwater believes in the states’ power to restore America to its original founding principles, which made it a worldwide inspiration and a beacon of prosperity, opportunity and freedom. In 2019, the Institute launched a multi-state effort to advance the universal recognition of out-of-state occupational licenses. 

Goldwater Institute works with local and state policy leaders to help ease the pathway to licensure for skilled trade professionals. It focuses specifically on the U.S. military’s service members, as well as their families. 

In addition to removing barriers to employment, Goldwater Institute mobilizes its cross-country network of 400 pro bono attorneys to defend constitutional rights issues such as freedom of speech, parental choice in education, health care and property rights.

What’s the play?

Goldwater Institute works to remove unnecessary barriers to employment for individuals and families across the country.

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