Institute for the American Worker

Protecting and promoting pro-worker labor policy

The Institute for the American Worker (I4AW) exists to advance free-market, pro-worker workforce policy at the federal level. Bringing together top labor experts from conservative D.C. think tanks, the organization provides labor policy training to new members of Congress, congressional staff and policy workers to form a cohesive workforce movement. The senior fellows also provide detailed research and analysis on proposed legislation, presidential nominees and proposed regulations.

I4AW is working toward advancing federal level policy solutions to advance a pro-worker market through research, congressional mentorship and a senior fellows program. The organization produces analysis and research for policymakers and congressional staff, focusing on assisting those on the House Education and Labor committees and the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committees. The senior fellows provide analysis of proposed legislation to equip policymakers to make informed choices about the impact of the legislation on businesses and workers on a local level. To enact this research, congressional mentorship is a cornerstone of the organization’s mission. New members of Congress and congressional staff receive an introduction to labor policy program and continued mentorship with I4AW’s policy experts.

What’s the play?

Partner with I4AW to advance free-market, pro-worker public policy at the federal level to facilitative innovation and help more people find meaningful work.

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