Breaking the cycle of poverty

The defining feature of Work Works is work. This is significant for four reasons: (1) participants gain experience and earn an income; (2) businesses in fields such as food service or landscaping earn revenue to support the organization’s operations; (3) the act of working creates a positive dynamic for the individual while also improving public perception of people experiencing homelessness; and (4) the transitional jobs that a Work Works social enterprise offers prepare participants to join the mainstream workforce, thereby helping solve labor shortages by acting as a bridge between marginalized people and employers.

Work Works America has three primary priorities – 1) to advocate for policies at the local, state and federal level that embrace work as a solution to address homelessness; 2) to provide an evidence-based model and technical assistance to communities seeking to bring a work-based solution to their local continuum; and 3) to provide accreditation and support to organizations that become Work Works affiliates by implementing and operating the Work Works model.

What’s the play?

Partner with Work Works America to help homeless individuals connect with dignifying work.

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