RIP, Walter Williams: Champion of Economic Freedom

Last week, we lost a champion of economic freedom and an institution in the free-market community, Walter E. Williams. The John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Williams taught young economic thinkers for 40 years—and up until the very end. He passed away on December 2, the day after wrapping up his final class of the fall semester. He was 84. 

A distinguished economist, prolific scholar, and beloved professor, Williams will be remembered not only for his brilliant work but as an excellent communicator, who brought a greater understanding of economics and its relevance to public policy to the masses as an insightful public intellectual.

As Williams’ friend and George Mason University economics professor Donald Boudreaux put it so eloquently in a tribute published in The Wall Street Journal:

“He was one of America’s most courageous defenders of free markets, constitutionally limited government and individual responsibility… The world will miss him as a tireless champion of American values.”

Read Boudreaux’s full tribute at the Journal here.

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