Loomis Laboratory

Alfred Loomis and the Creation of Radar

The Exchange


When extremists leave prison, who helps them find a new life?

National Security Philanthropy

Take an overseas tour with a one-of-a-kind nonprofit that uses charitable micro efforts to blunt foreign threats

Unto the Nations

Is the focus of American evangelicals shifting overseas?


How donors helped win a war of ideas and how they can do it again

Lending a Hand

How Dale Dawson is helping rebuild Rwanda, one small loan at a time

Educating a Nation

Stephanie Deutsch s new book details the unlikely collaboration between Julius Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington.

Conquering Polio

Private philanthropy has nearly eradicated polio an accomplishment that echoes earlier victories over smallpox and hookworm

A Welfare System That Works

The Latter-day Saints are proving that private citizens can support a vast and effective social welfare system.

Art and Culture

Notable contributions to art and culture from the Philanthropy Hall of Fame

Higher Education

Notable contributions to higher education from the Philanthropy Hall of Fame

Interview with Bob Ulrich

This former Target CEO put $200 million into a fascinating collection of 6,800 musical instruments.

Interview with Adrienne Arsht

The much-discouraged $30 million grant that changed a city, the case for naming gifts, art and resilience.

Summer 2018 - Briefly Noted

Hunting human traffickers. Moral formation through music. Airplane ambulances. The philanthropic payoff to an artistic addiction.

Founding Funders

The story of how American philanthropy built a Jewish homeland.

Winter 2016 - Briefly Noted

A record gift to Catholic schools. Paul Allen continues to battle Ebola. Knights rescue the oppressed.

Spring 2015 - Briefly Noted

Seafaring savior. A long-lost battleship. Enabling a book thief. Philanthropy vs. charity. Why give operating support?

A Tribute to Life

With major support from Tad Taube, the Polin Museum honors a millennium of Jewish history

Interview with Howard Dahl

The founder of Amity Technology discusses his giving to rehabilitate the former Soviet Union and assesses Ukraine

Summer 2016 - Briefly Noted

Chicks on camera. Couch-surfing in disaster zones. Teacher's union fights for facelifts. One million missing Christians.