Love Your School: Nonprofit Empowers Families to Take Charge of Children’s Education 

The following was presented as part of a session at Philanthropy Roundtable’s Annual Meeting in October 2023. 

As parents of K-12 students around the country are confronted with questions about how to best meet their children’s education needs, Love Your School is offering families in Arizona and West Virginia guidance on everything from school choice options to Education Savings Accounts (ESA). 

During this Big Idea talk, Jenny Clark, founder of Love Your School and mother of five, discusses how the organization is supporting and empowering parents. She also recounts her personal story about seeking resources for her homeschooled children when they were struggling to learn to read. 

“Based on my family’s own personal struggles through our education journey, I knew that if parents were truly going to exercise their education freedom, they were going to need significant support to do it,” said Clark.  

That’s when Love Your School was born. 

“Love Your School is the critical link between education freedom policies and parents,” said Clark. “We envision an America where every family is supported in accessing the education freedom options that work for them, that meet their values and their worldview, and their vision for their children’s futures.”  

Clark said parents nationwide are simply not aware of the educational opportunities available in their communities.  

“Dozens of organizations exist to pass legislation, get school choice friendly candidates elected and even promote ESA programs, but … many parents remain unaware of the range of education freedom options available for their children,” she said.  

In response, Love Your School works with parents one-on-one so they can utilize programs and solve problems facing their children’s education. 

“We want to be the reason that families all across the United States reclaim their freedom to choose what’s best for their children and their education,” said Clark. 

For more information on this organization or others, please contact Program Director, Erica Haines.  

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