Philanthropy Roundtable Adds High-Impact Organizations to Opportunity Playbook on Giving Tuesday

On this Giving Tuesday, Philanthropy Roundtable is adding over a dozen nonprofits to our Opportunity Playbook, a digital resource for donors looking to invest in high-impact organizations that promote economic opportunity for individuals and families and fulfill the promise of the American Dream. These 14 new organizations, as well as those already featured in the playbook, exemplify the Roundtable’s core values — liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility — and are devoted to empowering individuals, strengthening communities and improving lives.

In partnership with the Smith Richardson Foundation, Philanthropy Roundtable is seeking to address national concerns about issues like economic mobility and education from a philanthropic perspective. Through the Opportunity Playbook, we are committed to equipping philanthropists with the tools they need to be effective in these arenas and support excellent nonprofit programs and those who rely on their work.

This batch of exceptional organizations, which is working across education, workforce development and poverty alleviation, includes:

  • ExcelinEd – A national nonprofit working tirelessly to advance student-centered policy solutions that “unlock opportunity and lifelong success” for children and prepare graduates for college and career.
  • Fugees Family – A multi-state nonprofit working hard to support refugee and immigrant students through partnerships with local school districts in Ohio and Georgia that ensure students receive an excellent education. They are seeing 100% graduation rates among their program participants.
  • Institute for the American Worker – A research and advocacy organization that educates policymakers and key stakeholders in Washington, D.C. about developments in labor policy that threaten to stifle entrepreneurship.
  • Safe Families – A national family preservation organization motivated by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity and intentional compassion to keep children safe and families together.
  • MentorKids USA – A K-12 mentorship program that makes long-term investments in children, families and neighborhoods. Its focus on academic excellence, spiritual growth and leadership development aims to create a world where all youth reach their full God-given potential.

Philanthropy Roundtable selected these organizations through a close examination of mission alignment, outcomes, fiscal health and potential for replicability. While some of the groups profiled are established nonprofits with a national presence, others are focused more locally or are still in start-up mode. Nevertheless, they all share a common commitment to helping people improve their lives.

The organizations featured in the Opportunity Playbook and our larger Values-Based Giving campaign, “Our Values Improve Lives,” support a growing movement of philanthropists who place our shared values at the heart of their giving by providing resources, strategic advising, connections and community. Through this campaign, we are sharing stories of impact to show how these values improve lives and encourage more philanthropists to adopt this approach. By growing our movement, together we can tackle society’s challenges and advance America’s founding principles, provide more pathways to opportunity and strengthen communities.

Click here to view the Opportunity Playbook. Learn more about Values-Based Giving here and get connected with our team of in-house program officers and strategic advisors.

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