Humanizing the Homeless

City Relief provides those struggling with homelessness and extreme poverty the help, hope
and resources they need to live a transformed life. Each week, City Relief’s outreach buses host
eight “block parties,” where people in crisis can get hot meals, hygiene kits, socks and more. 
Alongside more than 250 partner organizations, City Relief serves over 30,000 people annually.
It seeks to connect guests to specific shelters, job programs and detox or rehab facilities,
depending on their individual needs. Their three-step relief model encompasses:

  1. Step One – Compassion: Outreaches are pop-up care centers where staff and volunteers serve hot meals, distribute hygiene kits and socks, and pray for those in need.
  2. Step Two – Connection: City Relief connects guests to resources to help them build a better tomorrow. These resources include Life Care Visits, one-on-one meetings that provide hope through individualized action plans. Each visit involves listening, encouraging and praying with guests who are struggling. Guests are then matched with the appropriate emergency shelters, job programs and detox or drug rehabilitation programs as needed. 
  3. Step Three – Community: Guests are introduced to City Relief’s Follow-Up Care Team, which helps guests connect with community partners, nonprofit agencies and government programs. Follow-up can mean anything from assisting with paperwork to attending meetings to advocating on guests’ behalf. Through its work to humanize the homeless, City Relief is determined to create an effective—and ultimately, enduring—addition to homelessness services, particularly in urban areas.

What’s the play?

City Relief has a proven track record of serving homeless individuals with dignity and respect, opening the doors to greater opportunity and personal responsibility for those they serve.

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