Schmidt at Georgia Center for Opportunity: Two New Laws Bring Good News for Charitable Giving in Georgia

In a guest blog published by Georgia Center for Opportunity, Philanthropy Roundtable’s Director of Government Affairs Megan Schmidt applauds the recent passage of the Donor Intent Protection Act and the Personal Privacy Protection Act by Georgia lawmakers. Schmidt details how both bills encourage charitable giving in the Peach State.  

Below are excerpts from the article entitled “Two News Laws Bring Good News for Charitable Giving in Georgia:       

“There are over 64,000 nonprofit organizations in Georgia, and in 2021 Georgia donors gave $9.4 billion to charity, according to the IRS. These generous donations to charitable organizations are about to get important protections under two bills passed by the state legislature in 2024. 

“Gov. Brian Kemp signed the Donor Intent Protection Act and the Personal Privacy Protection Act into law. Both pieces of legislation offer donors and charities new avenues to ensure the proper use of donations, while safeguarding donors’ right to privacy in giving. 

“The two bills offer legal protections for donors and nonprofits to ensure charitable giving can continue freely and effectively in the state. When donors are free to give where and how they choose without fear of their information being unfairly released or their donations being misused, charitable organizations are better suited to help those who need their support.” 


“Georgia is primed to move forward with a healthy charitable giving environment with the passage of these two bills so communities in need around the state can benefit from the generosity of Georgians.” 

To read the complete article, please visit Georgia Center for Opportunity.   

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