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Dr. Jack Templeton

Combining science and religion in a bold yet humble way

Less God, Less Giving?

Religion and generosity feed each other in fascinating ways

We're Not Signing It

Our Concerns About Independent Sector s Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

Fall 2012 - Briefly Noted

Niall Ferguson s civil society, not-so-sweet lemonade buyers, Greeks bearing gifts, and more

America's Disappearing Givers

Three recent studies show an alarming decline in the number of givers over the past decade.

What's in a Name?

The delicate dance behind some of today s largest gifts

Briefly Noted

SPLC on the warpath. The truth on foreign aid. Getting bluegrass in the black. Making Americans. An Oscar for humanitarianism.

Bad Donors, Good Results

Human kindness and charitable success aren't necessarily linked. That's one of the paradoxes of philanthropy.

Giving It All

Alan Barnhart and his brother Eric owned a $250 million company. Owned. Past tense. Because they gave it away.


Which Americans give most to charity?

They Shall Overcome

Meet the K 12 reform donors who strategically balance charitable giving, legislative advocacy, and direct political engagement.

President's Note

Misconceptions about "Dark Money"

Summer 2016 - Briefly Noted

Chicks on camera. Couch-surfing in disaster zones. Teacher's union fights for facelifts. One million missing Christians.