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Elizabeth McGuigan

Senior Vice President
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Elizabeth McGuigan is a senior vice president at Philanthropy Roundtable and has been with the organization since January 2021. In Elizabeth’s current role, she oversees the organization’s public policy and government affairs team as well as the philanthropic programs and services team. She also serves on the Roundtable’s executive team. Previously, Elizabeth led the policy and government affairs team, working to protect and promote philanthropic freedom by publishing timely research and advancing legislation at the state and federal level. Her work has helped solidify Philanthropy Roundtable as a stalwart for donor freedom and every American’s right to support the charitable causes and communities they care about without fear of intimidation or harassment. 

Prior to joining the Roundtable, Elizabeth served as the director of legislative and policy research at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, where she oversaw all state and federal policy research, helping to protect the Second Amendment and the firearm and ammunition industry.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Trinity University and graduated from George Washington University with a Master of Public Policy. She also holds a graduate certificate in philanthropic studies from Indiana University’s Lilly School of Philanthropy. Previously, Elizabeth covered a wide range of policy research and analysis for Bloomberg Government, Strategas Research Partners and Americans for Tax Reform.

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