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Sharing Health

…bail, and an old-age pension,” according to Beito’s research. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which had 465,000 members in 1877, refined its aid process and referred to the gifts…

Drug Donors preview

Drug Donors

…in policy and opinion is no accident. Some of the most powerful donors in America have poured tens of millions of dollars into networks that have used sophisticated activism, research,

Campus Crusades preview

Campus Crusades

…campuses. Produced by Liz Essley Whyte for Philanthropy Magazine Banishing Religious Conviction  InterVarsity, an evangelical Christian college ministry, has 23 chapters within the California State University system—23 groups of…

2 Million Dollars 1 Billion Souls

…what it’s all about.”   Liz Essley Whyte is a contributing editor to Philanthropy. Research for this story was provided by Philanthropy managing editor Ashley May—who is Bernie May’s granddaughter….

Fall 2016 – Briefly Noted

…day you are increasing costs, so you have to figure out how make up for it,” says AEI economist Aparna Mathur.    —Liz Essley Whyte A Screwtape for Millennials A critic,…

Spring 2019 – Briefly Noted

…a step toward that last year, assembling a council of high-school students to weigh in on issues they face. —Liz Essley Whyte     Girl Power Year after year, the…

Annotated Bibliography of Philanthropy

…scientific research. At a time when the U.S. government was unseeing and slow to act, his philanthropic leadership pushed through crash efforts to create radar and the atomic bomb in…

The Calculating Philanthropy of Silicon Valley

…instance, SiliconValley luminaries like Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and others have put up billions tofund “life-extension” research. “Death makes me very angry,” Ellison has said….

Parenting the Privileged

…your check and graduate you. Money can buy anything you want.” The legacy of great wealth also has the potential to overwhelm young people’s search for identity, a search that…