All Americans – no matter their politics, race, religion or class – should have the power to give to the causes and communities they care about most.

That’s exactly why we’re lifting up the voices of everyday Americans who serve alongside amazing charities.

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Free to Give: Meet Maureen Hackett

"Donor-advised funds have been incredibly successful in getting help to people who otherwise wouldn’t receive it because of the time and administrative costs that often create barriers to donors operating private foundations."

Free to Give: Meet Darla Romfo

"Thankfully, the charitable response we’ve been seeing has also been incredible. One way we were able to respond is through our Stay in School fund, which has so far helped 1,400 families pay their outstanding tuition balances."

Free to Give: Meet Josiah Day

"It’s been really encouraging for us to see the community rally together, and especially our network of donor-advised fund holders, around helping the broader community at this time."

Free to Give: Meet Tom Beck

"Donor-advised funds have made it possible for our supporters to react quickly in crisis and respond to our needs. There’s no bureaucracy."