Sector Regulation

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The proper way to regulate the charitable sector is with strategic oversight that is specific to an evidence-based need. Arbitrary rules and unnecessary mandates, ultimately, harm those who rely on charity the most by restricting overall giving and diverting resources away from helping those in need.

Sector Regulation Resources

    • Research
    • March 19, 2022

    Government Overreach Hurts Charities and Those They Serve

    by Elizabeth McGuigan
    • Amicus Brief
    • March 2, 2022

    Creighton Meland Jr. v. Shirley N. Weber, Secretary of State of California

    • Research
    • August 1, 2021

    Understanding the King-Grassley Bill To Restrict Charitable Giving, S. 1981/H.R. 6595

    by Elizabeth McGuigan
    • Research
    • June 1, 2021

    What’s in the Ace Act, S.1981/H.R.6595?

    • Research
    • September 1, 2020

    Philanthropic Freedom

    by Joanne Florino
    • Amicus Brief
    • July 29, 2020

    Creighton Meland Jr. v. Alex Padilla, Secretary of State of California

  • All Americans should be free to give to causes they care about

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