Our Staff


Senior Leadership

Elise Westhoff

Elise Westhoff President and CEO, Board Member

Jessica Browning

Jessica Browning Vice President of Conferences and Events

Debi Ghate

Debi Ghate Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

Christie Herrera

Christie Herrera Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

Windle Jarvis

Windle Jarvis Vice President of Development

Brandon Millett

Brandon Millett Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Amanda Rossie

Amanda Rossie Vice President of Operations and Finance


Christina Bussie

Christina Bussie Office Manager

Alexandra Carlier

Alexandra Carlier Creative Services Manager

Annie Dwyer

Annie Dwyer Director of Communications

Joanne Florino

Joanne Florino Adam Meyerson Distinguished Fellow in Philanthropic Excellence

Catherine Harris

Catherine Harris Assistant Director of Individual Giving

Mary Margaret Holden

Mary Margaret Holden Events Assistant

Howard Husock

Howard Husock Senior Executive Fellow

Molly Kincaid

Molly Kincaid Director of Marketing

Suzi Marchena

Suzi Marchena Director of Finance and Human Resources

Antonino Marchese

Antonino Marchese Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Eric Peterman

Eric Peterman Research and Data Manager

Megan Schmidt

Megan Schmidt Director of Government Affairs

Madeline Schultz

Madeline Schultz Editorial Manager

Tareea Smith

Tareea Smith Marketing Manager

Caitlin Summers

Caitlin Summers Director of Conferences and Events

Sandra Swirski

Sandra Swirski Executive Director, Alliance for Charitable Reform

Jeanie Truslow

Jeanie Truslow Executive Assistant, Senior Leadership Team

Rachel Verdejo

Rachel Verdejo Director of Foundation Relations

Victoria Watson

Victoria Watson Assistant Director of Development

Taryn Wolf

Taryn Wolf Creative Director